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From time-to-time we get a little spark in ourselves to go with our guts and build something spontaneously; so if you're still looking for ideas, we encourage you to browse our past projects and current inventory for sale.

Ford Raptor

The one and only Performance Pickup that stands up to its name, the Ford Raptor. We understand this special truck deserves special treatment – no exceptions are made; no expenses are spared. Whether you desire a performance masterpiece, an off-road brute, or a polished look ready to cruise uptown, we have done it before, and we will gladly do it again. It does not get better than this.

Black-Out Series

Cast a shadow over everybody else on the road with this ominous beast of a truck. Featuring a full-body, matte black wrap, black wheels and rims and some sharp tinting to really define the wild side of the Ford Raptor. The amber lighting that defines the broadened shape of the Raptor really stands out in comparison to the matte black finish that absorbs more light than a typical metallic paint finish. With the Borla exhaust co-engineered with Ford Performance, the Raptor Black-Out Series tends to be heard long before it is seen, creating a feel that puts everyone a little on edge in the night. Experience a truck that is tailor-made to enhance its silhouette and redefine the lines that made it become an icon.

Performance Series

You want loud and you want fast and that is all the Performance Series knows. In here you get a truck that can outpace just about any other off the line, while also looking the best and sounding phenomenal. A race-inspired performance truck that is taken one step even farther to deliver the experience that was only dreamed about when the Third Generation Ford Raptor was released. Ford Performance Parts upgrades are the main ingredient in what completes the recipe for the Performance Series; nothing is off limits, which is what can make this Series from Cam Clark Customs truly unique to the owner. This Raptor feels like a gritty muscle car, the ultimate race-oriented experience we can offer in a pickup truck.

Signature Series

Featuring a full body colour match for those who prefer the monochromatic look is the cornerstone of the Signature Series. No panel, no part, no detail is left out. The bold lines of the Raptor begin to come through and become almost redefined, making any true fan of this performance pickup fall in love all over again. Be ready to cruise uptown with the rich paint colours and upgraded wheel and tire opportunities that come with this package. We know not everyone has the desire to cover their truck in mud, and that is why we offer the Signature Series to those who want a truck that is powerful, present, and always photo ready. Choose from simply expanding from the OEM stock paint to all panels of the truck, or start anew with your own bespoke paint choice, we are confident in our capability to accommodate almost any preference.

Popular Packages:

While individuality is at the root of all custom work -- and we love the challenge of something new and interesting -- we always consider these packages the cornerstones of a great Cam Clark Custom build.

Lift Kits & Leveling Kits for Trucks: Whether you are looking for stance or riding a little higher than most, Cam Clark Customs is proud to offer lifting and leveling packages to your truck to enhance its presence on or off the road.

Custom Wheels, Rims and Tires: Arguably one of the most unique and obvious features of your vehicle, you want to be rolling around in style paired with the capability of compound that suits your vehicle's needs. Cam Clark Customs offers an extensive array of wheels, rims and tires from dozens of brands, suited for any vehicle of any lifestyle.

Lighting Accessories: There is nothing wrong with the desire to shine brighter than those around you, and with Cam Clark Custom lighting packages, we are bound to deliver for your time to shine. Be it simple foglamp packages, or full-on light bars, we can equip and install the right lighting accessories to fit your vehicle in just the right way.

Off-Road/4×4 Accessories: Bull bars, roll bars, winches, and skid plates; and that is just the obvious. When you are about the trek off the beaten path, you want to know your truck is ready for anything that is in its path. Some other shops out there just go for the off-road look without the proper build quality, and we just will not stand for that, period. With a Cam Clark Custom off-road ready truck, capability and safety is a paramount priority; we offer you the piece of mind that you will be equipped for the unpredictable.

Custom Paints/Wraps & Other Body Work: Colours and design are strictly completed in the vision of you, our client. Nothing is off limits. Cam Clark Customs has experience in full-body wraps, panel paint matching, decal application and body panel replacements/modifications. Whatever the shape, size and colours you have in your mind, we are willing to put pencil to paper to get it just right so your style will last a lifetime.

Cam Clark Customs offers Western Canada’s Premier Ford and Ford Performance customizations.

It is our privilege to work with those who have a dream of what their ultimate car, truck, or SUV is to be. We complete almost all our work in-house, where we can offer continuous oversight of your custom project and provide a guarantee in the quality and performance capabilities of the finished project Cam Clark Customs is an exclusive division of the Cam Clark Automotive Group, where we intend to uphold the reputation of integrity and quality of customer service that has been built over decades of service in multiple locations operating in Alberta, British Columbia, and California. Contact us today and let us get your dream rolling.